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Logo BdM N BThe project entitled "The real conservatoire is the eternal rhythm of the sea..." takes place at the Bois des Moutiers in Varengeville-sur-mer. It was born from the friendship between Antoine Bouchayer-Mallet and Oswald Sallaberger. This annual event was originally thought of as a reunion between architecture and the "Arts and Craft movement" behind the designs of the gorgeous gardens. The unique beauty of Bois des Moutiers became a privileged source of inspiration for La Maison Illuminée: sounds, sights, all human senses are transformed by the place. Here, feelings get more pure, more human, it becomes easy to interact with people... Souls are refreshed in peaceful surroundings, acting in harmony with music.

Close to the Bois des Moutiers, Albert Roussel lived in Vasterival and composed there until the end of his life. His works are regulars on La Maison Illuminée programmes.

At the bottom of the cliff, where the Bois des Moutiers reaches the sea, Debussy composed some of his major works.

Each project of La Maison Illuminée refers to Debussy's saying: "The real conservatoire is the eternal rhythm of the sea, the wind in the leaves and a thousand other tiny noises... Every sound has to come to life."

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